Thursday, January 19, 2012

Celestial Lineage

The new cd by Wolves in the Throne Room may or may not be Black Metal depending on who you listen to, but it's a scary and wonderful trip into the band's murky and dreamy music. Even the pieces featuring furious guitar and machinegun drums shift moods and attain a meditative aspect. Despite the characteristic horror-movie vocals, this band is not about aggression, or at least not just aggression. The lyrics suggest a mythical and magical world that evokes European folklore and is full of eagles, stags, trees and other natural phenomenon. According to Wikipedia, "The band is well known for their interests that lie beyond the usual topics of Black Metal, such as radical ecology, bio-dynamic farming and creating a nature-based occult worldview." This is not music for everyone and is not intended to be. It is music with a distinct and original voice, though, for those drawn to the dark, gothic corners of metal.

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